In the last three years dollars spent on online advertising has been growing annually. At the same time print, radio, and TV has been going down. Online advertising comes in many forms; however the most common method is banner or button ads. Pop-up ads are also quite popular but sometimes annoying.

And Google has a very extensive Adsense program that has become quite popular. This article will focus on button and banner ads. Banner ads are typically rectangular and buttons are square.

Button and banner ads are text and pictures typically placed on high traffic web sites. When you click on a banner or button ad, it sends you to the advertised web site. Banners and button ads are largely anchoring or branding devices. Think of a jingle on a radio; when you hear the jingle do you feel compelled to suddenly run out and buy the product? Not usually. But in time, after you hear the jingle over and over, it eventually develops your awareness of the product or company, so that when you need it, you think of them first. That’s how good advertising works.

In the same way, most banner or button ads are generally not designed to generate immediate results. Their purpose is to be an awareness and familiarity with the product or company. Banner or button ads are generally sold in terms of impressions (how many times they will be viewed) instead of click-selected (how many times they will be “clicked” on).
This brings us to the new opportunity of advertising on landmarkonline.ca. On our home page are five button ads, which incidentally, are for sale. One is sold to Sunrize and is an example of what you could have for your business. Businesses that advertise in the Voice will have first chance at these button ads. Voice advertisers have till June 15th to book their ad on line, and then the spots will be available to the general public.

Cost is $50.00 a month for a minimum of six months. As an introductory offer the first five will be sold for a 20% discount if you book before June 15th. If you need to have a button ad built, this can be done for a one-time fee of $75.00. To book please email office@landmarkonline.ca

Traffic on landmarkonline.ca is starting to really grow. From October to January the site was getting around 500 unique visitors a month, then in February it went to 700 and in March and April it was 950.

May looks like it will break 1,000 unique visitors. This is very respectable for a relatively new website, serving a small community. We will be adding an Online Poll soon, which will drive even more traffic. The future is online advertising and the future is here.

Book now so you won’t be disappointed. For more information, e-mail or call Randy Wolgemuth 355-5200. 


Landmark Community Picnic in the Park
Sunday, June 11, 2005
Open Air Church Service starts at 10:30am followed by free BBQ lunch. Bring your lawn chairs. Location: Landmark Park (Rain Venue – Landmark Arena). Sponsored by Landmark Christian Fellowship and Prairie Rose EMC Church.

Kinsmen Fire Up A Pancake Breakfast
On June 17th the Landmark Kinsmen will host a fundraising (jaws fund) Pancake Breakfast at the Landmark Fire Hall from 8am till 11am.

Free Golf… 
Built For Drivers!
McNaught Pontiac invites you to a round of golf on them, Saturday, July 8, 2006 from 2:00-7:00pm at Lorette Golf Course. 

Landmark Elementary School, K-6
177-2nd Street East
Tel.: (204) 355-4663
Fax: (204) 355-4360

Our school’s “I Love to Read” activities kept the students busy during the long, cold month of February. “The Amazing Reading Race” was an exciting opportunity to motivate students to read and also to get their teachers involved in some fun activities at the weekly assemblies. Keep up the great reading!

Our Book Fair was a smashing success again. Many thanks to the following community sponsors for encouraging reading in our classrooms: Gardens of Distinction, Landmark Auto Service, Elite Swine, Freedom Foods, Mum’s Country Bakery, Ion Health, Niverville Credit Union, Lorette Marketplace, Curves (Lorette), Landmark Feeds, Giesbrecht Mechanical, Keating Mechanical, Landville Drywall, Plett Trucking, Landmark Nutrition, Heartwork Homes, Barkman Gravel, Front Porch Café and Keystone Grain.

We would also like to thank the many volunteers for taking time out of their day to help out at the Book Fair: Sharon Peters, Val Plett, Dolores Plett, Deb Regehr, Betty Wiebe, Denise Collins, Marcia Plett, Bernice Brandt, Annie Hamm, Carole Wohlgemuth, Eileen Engbrecht, Wanda Warkentin, Barb Plett, Tish Hildebrand and student volunteers from LES and LCI. We couldn’t do it without you!

PTA Update
Our PTA has been very busy this month. Our staff enjoyed a wonderful lunch on February 14th and also received door prizes throughout the week. Thank you to the PTA and all school parents who prepared the delicious food and organized the door prizes. Everything was greatly appreciated – thank you for your support and encouragement.